Sunday, November 23, 2008


Recently, I have noticed that the number of pirate attacks in international waters has increased. It's incredible how these small groups of pirates can take down large tankers with small arms and rpgs. I suppose that's understandable though since these shipping captains and crew are not military individuals and are not equipped to fight off attackers.

Since every boat in international water cannot have an escort with fighting capabilities, I think it's time to equip these boats with various weapons to protect themselves. I have learned however that private boats cannot carry arms. I proposed on a friend's forum many months ago that there are ways around that and can find creative ways of destroying the enemy ships. I think the sonic weapon technology used on some cruise ships have been found to be effective. I also think that other non lethal methods of deterring pirate activity must be developed for these ships.

Maybe the US could destroy these pirates from space. It would be good target practice. United States have several satellites in space that can destroy objects on land. During the Star Wars era, many secret satellites were launched and they remain orbiting the earth. Perhaps we can resurrect some of that technology. I remember one of the engineers who worked on the Star Wars project describing the various satellites orbiting the earth at this moment. One project he worked on dealt with advanced targeting capabilities. That technology is now used in the "missile shield" systems. There are satellites that can launch payloads that can flatten entire cities. Maybe we can use some of those to destroy pirate boats. Or perhaps that's overkill.

In any case, I think it's time to kick some ass on the high seas. We can't let these thugs gain more and more control of international waters.

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I think they should work in some type of pirate "experience" for those on cruise lines. It will provide that added bit of excitement to the mundane routine of buffet and shuffle board.

And nothing is overkill when it comes to pirate attacks. We can not overreact enough.