Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Love! Don't H8!

As everyone knows, Proposition 8 passed in california banning gay marriage.

(Not from the NY rally but it's just a funny pic)

That's is most stupid law ever.

This law effectively excludes a subset of people from doing something that everyone else has the right to do. It's absolutely ridiculous. It's really scary how stupid people are. All of the arguments used against black people during the era of SEGREGATION is now once again used to SEGREGATE Gay individuals. Some have proposed equal but separate laws for gays. Are you fucking kidding me? Do these people hear themselves talking?

Polls tell us that majority of black voters voted for Prop 8, proving once again that the distribution of stupid people in every race is indeed equal.

Anyway, I was walking on broadway the other day and was passing City Hall when I saw a great number of police officers. I also saw a bunch of other people with shirts with various witty slogans written on them. I saw all of the rainbow flags and banners so I figured it was a gay rally protesting against Prop 8 in california. I did not know that it was a big national event though until I read it online.

But all of the coverage that these protests were supposed to get was diverted to the fires burning in California. Yes, there is an irony here, as well as joke but I figured it's in poor taste at this time so I will refrain from writing it. In any case, the protests were not as effective because mst people were too worried about the out of control fires. Hmmm...conspiracy?

I think the gay community should hold another rally but make it even bigger. Hopefully, that ridiculous law will be overturned soon because having that law on the books makes Californians look retarded.

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Anonymous said...

When did you start self-censoring your poor taste? Let it out. You were the self proclaimed next Margaret Chou. Be the woman you were supposed to be.

It's funny how the PC talking heads have spun the high percentage of Blacks voting Yes on Prop 8. They said it was Old Whites who passed the initiative. I get it. More Caucasians in gross numbers thought gays don't deserve marriage equality. But that doesn't erase the fact that the overwhelming majority of one minority believes that another minority doesn't deserve a front seat on the equality bus. Where's the gay Rosa Parks? (I assume he'll be Korean. Maybe some transgender guy named Rain Park?)

Attention PC pundits, Blacks are a powerful voting block. You kept telling us this the entire election cycle. Why underestimate them now? So don't talk at both ends. Don't tell us their votes don't matter when it comes to H8 while at the same time touting their influence on this year's presidential election.

Another thing. It's interesting how some Blacks turn to their faiths to vote down gay marriage but turn their backs to it when they support a Pro Choice candidate. I know we're all hypocrites. Republicans do the same with capital punishment. But at least own up to it.

Finally, why is it okay to attack Mormons? Why aren't gays rallying in front of Black churches? It's a rhetorical question of course. They're scared. No one is scared of a Mormon in person. But get him in a voting booth, and it's like he's got a glock to your head saying, "Give me all your money fa88*t."

I say that we all rally for the equality of protesting everyone. Why are we hating on the nice Mormons (Watch their episode in South Park)? Of course they used their money to fund H8. If you got it, flaunt it. If Black churches had the same money to throw around, they would have used it, pitched it, shot it, and ran away with it. Anyways, passionate sermons during a Mass are far more influential over a congregation of voters than any Mormon backed advertisement made by out-of-towners.

P.S. Can you believe it? Now there are talks of boycotting Sundance in attempts to curb Utah tourism. Ugh. Overreaching. Why aren't the gays boycotting Black History Month or Church's Chicken? Give me the answer oh Gandalf the Grand G(R)ay Wizard aka Andersoon Cooper.

Ghonie said...

Well, protesting Black History Month would be considered Minority on Minority crime. They wouldn't stoop to that level. I don't think the gay community would want eye for an eye type of response.

Anonymous said...

Well, I wasn't being serious about the Black History Month. However, at the same time, threats from the gay leadership boycotting establishments sound like "eye for an eye" mentality to me. As well as signs calling for a referendum on straight marriage. Gays shouldn't be oppressed. But they aren't saints either. Some of their decisions have been more for shock value rather than than for anything productive.

Instead, they should try the "turn the other cheek" approach. They should announce that no matter how much they are oppressed, they will survive. As they quietly protest H8, they need to work on strengthening domestic partnership law so that civil unions become what their dissenters have argued, marriage with a different name.

After that's done, they can go full force and argue the folly of relationship nomenclature.