Friday, November 28, 2008


This piece of shit fucker just left that crap on the train. This is the kind of shit that makes these trains go to crap. As soon as the train stops abruptly or makes a sharp turn, the left over drink and food goes flying everywhere and makes the floor filthy. These fuckers need to die. I should have taken a picture of the asshole and should have posted it but he left the train before I realized he had littered.

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Anonymous said...

Shameful. Why do people think the train is an Appleby's. There's no one there clean up after you. And there's a reason there aren't trash cans on board. You shouldn't be eating.

And other passengers are just going to think it's supposed to be there. Either that or just complain. *ahem* Did you end up picking it up and disposing of it in the refuse bin.

Lol. People are going to think it's yours if you did. It's a lose-lose situation.