Tuesday, November 03, 2009


This blog has served as a means to vent, rant and rave without getting me fired, killed, lynched in real life. Historically, this blog had maybe two or three readers at most. Back in the day before my long hiatus (which I may talk about in a future post), I had about 4-5 readers. 4 of them were friends, the one reader from Indonesia was an unknown.

I only made this blog public because I wanted to rant and rave to friends that were very far away. It allowed me to write at any time of day and it allowed my friends to read it whenever they had time. I could call them and talk about this stuff but that would mean figuring out when to call, etc which is an annoyance i didn't and don't need. Google blogger was simple and effective and can be accessed without hassle. All I have to is write. I didn't have to manage.

Now that I have been writing again more frequently, I noticed a returning visitor. The tracking/spying devices do not give enough specifics to figure out who it may be. Honestly, I don't really care who it is. However, I have one question though. Why would you read this blog?

This blog isn't about anything. It serves no real purpose outside of my friend circle. So I wonder, why waste time here? I read my friend's blogs because I am interested in how they are doing. However, I don't randomly read strangers blogs daily unless they provide some sort of purpose like daily food recipes etc. So that's why I'm curious.

Or perhaps I'm out of touch with the modern age? Is voyeurism part of the cultural zeitgeist at large?

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Anonymous said...

Maybe it"s misery loving company.