Friday, May 27, 2005

Meshach Taylor and all the rest

Meshach Taylor is a TV personality i don't know very well.

The only thing i DO know about this man is that he's on TV as guest-something-or-other in various TV shows.

He was on "To Tell the Truth" game show and I believe currently, he's on "Pet Star". In both instances, he is a judge of some contest.

I heard someone say recently that they felt sad for this guy.

Sad? Are you freaking kidding me? These "once-been" (i don't like to use has-been) actors, actresses, comediennes, etc. make close to 50,000k at LEAST to be on any show like this. If they do two or three stints on any TV production, they make above average income. Now, struggling actors/actresses starting out in the biz have it tough, and they don't make that kind of money but if you hit it big once, you have the resources most of the time to get by. You may not be able to live in glamour but you can live better than the minimum wage single mother struggling to feed her child.

I also hate the arrogance of some people. This one girl i know in my trade school said to me that $75,000 a year isn't enough to live on.

I was f*ck*ng shocked. I asked her, but how can most of America live?

She considered them poor.

I suppose then i'm destitute beyond help.

What i find striking is that she is of "African-American" decent. I will talk about her "ethnic" background because though I am not black, I grew up in a destitute area where many minorities including blacks lived. My close friends in adulthood dubbed my childhood area as "ghetto shit town". They are not incorrect in making that assessment because when i went by recently, it was still shitty and dangerous. I wondered what all of my old neighbors and friends who were also of "African-American" decent and were at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder would say in response to this girl's statement.

I think they would be upset.

I brought up this "African-American" example because the girl was black. This statement could have easily come from any race and my response would have been the same. I have seen the struggle of poor individuals from every background imaginable. I'm amazed that $74,000 was considered poor by this girl. I think most people would give an arm or a leg to make that much a year.

I guess middle class would be even more out of reach if the world had revolved around her idea of life.

Anyway, I forgot what the point of this rant was so i'll end it by saying, "don't cry for Meshach Taylor."


yenemy said...

Spoiled bitch! Slap her in the face with a book of meal tickets.

Ghonie said...

I should slap her with my government cheese.