Thursday, September 17, 2009

Steve Jobs is dead

Or is he?

Remember that fiasco a few months back regarding Steve Jobs, CNN, and premature death announcement? Apple's entire future rests on this guy getting better. If I were Apple, I would definitely spend all of the money to keep this guy alive. If it means getting him an artificial body to sustain his head, I would do so. I would "buy" the best minds of the world to develop a cure for this guy's disease. Because when he dies, Apple will die with him.

And why is that? I thought other people were working on product development? Why is he so special?

In any case, I haven't seen him much in public lately. He needs to make appearances like at MTV music awards or some shit like that. That would keep the stock holders happy.

Or perhaps he's already dead and Apple is covering it up. Maybe his lifeless body is next to Walt Disney in Cinderella's Castle/Cryogenic Chamber 5000. Maybe the recent event that he hosted was all smoke and mirrors and shit. Can anyone prove that he's alive? He needs to attend a public venue, like my birthday party to prove to the world that he's still in the physical realm.


Anonymous said...

Are you planning a birthday party?

Did you make the Outback Steakhouse reservation yet?

"If you threw a party. Invited everyone you knew. You would see the biggest gift would be from me. And the card attached would say. Thank you for being a friend."

Here's to you Blanche!

Ghonie said...


Anonymous said...

Someone is a hater. What would the late Bea Author say?