Thursday, December 04, 2008

Jet Blue's movin' on up

Jetblue has moved to a new home in New York. They used to be in Terminal 6 but now they are at the grand spankin' new Terminal 5. Actually, the terminal isn't really new because it used to be the old TWA terminal. However, they made some major changes and had a big facelift.

Everything has that "new car smell" and they have some interesting stores. They have a Lacoste and they have a few interesting bars. They also have a jamba juice. The ciba world market has a small buffet breakfast spread which I get everytime I'm catching a flight there. The breakfast is mediocre but it's better than nothing. they also have a pretty decent selection of snacks and drinks at overpriced prices.

This is my breakfast of choice. Overcooked scrambled eggs, decent home style potatoes, one french toast and one pretty tasty sausage link.

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Anonymous said...

I haven't had a chance to travel through the new terminal. And I can't wait to have a mediocre breakfast. The eggs look like a cross between grits and fish roe. The sausage looks like dog doo.