Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Crappy Dog

I seem to be a magnet for bad luck. As I was waiting for my flight, a couple and their dog sat next to me in the terminal. As soon as they sat down, the dog took a big crap. Fortunately (or unfortunately), the dog was in a doggy carrier.

So the dog is in cramped space but it took a big crap. What do you think happened next? First, the smell was incredibly nasty. If a human took a shit as smelly as that, I would have recommended he/she see a doctor. Second, the dog's ass rubbed all over the crap thus turning the once white and pristine dog into a furry pile of crap. A big chunk of stool was stuck to the dog's behind.

The guy started freaking out and he didn't know what to do. The girl asked for some paper towels and he ran to go get some. The girl took the dog out and put the dog ON THE SEAT! What the fuck?!?! People have to sit there! Don't rub the dog's shitty ass on the seat!

The guy comes back and starts cleaning the dog while saying wonderful phrases like "awww gross. Awww nasty! The butt is all shitty! Ugh!"

The girl tells the guy to go to the store to get some sanitation wipes to clean the dog. The guy runs over to the store and comes back with the wipes. He then asked,

"These wipes cost 22 dollars. Is this a 22 dollar mess? Because if it's not, I'm returning it."

He then looked at the dog's shitty ass and said,

"I'm returning it."

At this point I had a few questions running through my head:
Why didn't they just take the dog in the bathroom and clean it up?
Why didn't they get some wet paper towels and clean the dog up?
Why was this douche still in the terminal with the crap covered dog?

After 10 minutes of smelling the shitty dog, I got up and went to a seat far away from this mess. I would have left earlier but there were no seats and the terminal was really crowded. I hoped that this couple would not be sitting next to me. Thankfully, they weren't on the same flight.

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Anonymous said...

What has happened to you? What happened to the guy on the "Feces Bus" who said, "Deal with it!"

You, in the spirit of Christmas, should have bought the couple those Sanitation wipes. It was your "Christmas Shoes" moment.

"...I knew that I got a glimpse of heaven's love
As he barked and then ran out
I knew that God had sent that little dog to remind me
What Christmas is all about..."