Thursday, June 09, 2005

Freshly Paved Potholes

Everyone around here knows that there are a lot of potholes.

If I decide to live out my life here, I would be forced to buy a gas guzzling, spontaneously exploding SUV with All wheel super offroad capability. If you do not have this, your car, in one years time, will be destroyed.

I have a sedan. In 1 month's time, my alignment went to shit. I hear noises that i have never heard before and the car is becoming a junker as the days pass. Mix that with snow, rain, dust, shit that bombard my car every day, your car gets royally ass kicked.

They "repaved" the main road near my abode. I thought to myself, "Finally. Some smooth road". In 2 day's time, potholes the size of Kentucky littered the road. What is the freakin' point? It took them 2 years to repave the road but in 2 days, the road went to crap. I swear, either the land is bloody fu*ked up or the incompetence runs rampant. Either way, I'm screwed.

I think the environmentalists should focus on fixing the roads here. Maybe then people wouldn't be forced to buy SUVs. Then we can drive those hybrids everyone is talking about. Just for your information, most people buy the Porsche Cayenne around here. Apparently it's good.


yenemy said...

Rich ass doctors!

Meaning, wealthy proctologists.

Just get a hybrid car, and put monster truck tires on that baby.

Ghonie said...

Are you kidding me? Doctors can't afford that crap. Well, at least i don't think so. These guys are CEOs of MAJOR companies and very POWERFUL people. If you've heard of terms like General Electric, Pfizer, etc., then you know what i'm talking about.

I can't wait until I get to work on their cars. It'll be interesting.

yenemy said...

You mean, selling them armani shirts to wear while they drive their cars.