Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Jaywalker

I was waiting at a red light when suddenly, a woman out of nowhere ran by the hood of my car.

Why was I surprised?

Here are some reasons:

1) The area in front of me was not a designated crosswalk

2) I was waiting out the red in a 8 lane thoroughfare with major traffic

3) She was a zaftig woman.

4) She was running in high heels

5) She was weaving in and out of many cars.

6) She scowled at me.

I was perplexed by the last gesture. I did not know why she would be angry. I was just sitting in my car minding my own business. My facial expression had not changed, though in my mind, I was amazed. If anything, I should be pissed at her for putting my insurance on the line for this woman. Perhaps she was angry at me for not building a crosswalk here in my free time. Who knows. Maybe I need to stop going out.

1 comment:

wandering-mind said...

dude... some guy in downtown palo alto walked right in front of my car. He was in a cross walk, but the light was red for him and green for me. He yelled at me "crosswalk!"... what a dumb ass.