Sunday, June 05, 2005

Yo! Yo! Cancel all that!

The point of drive-thru is to get your food fast. Well, that's my opinion any way. I think that drive-thrus weren't built to have long conversations with tellers or take 20 minutes deciding what you want to eat. Most drive thrus, i believe, should be used by those who know what they want, who have the money, and who want to get out of there as quickly as possible.

Apparently, these aren't the rules that some people follow.

The car in front of me drove to the teller box. The "impatient" man, as soon as he got within' shouting distance of the box, started screaming at the worker to take his order.

"Yo! Anyone there?!?"

The lady in the box said, "Yes, may I help you?"

The man then proceded to order a long list of combos, drinks, and other items from the short list of drive-thru menu items. Not only that, there were substitutions.

I know all this because he was shouting so loud that even God herself woke up and said, "Shut the hell up!"

Anyway, it seemed as though he was almost through when I saw the wife lean over and say something to him. He then said,

"Yo! Yo! Cancel all that! We're gonna start over"

**There is silence in the box**

After a minute, the lady on the other side said, "Ok sir. What would you like"

Even through the crappy voice machine, i could feel her frustration.

The man then proceeded to order some other combination of food and accessories.

I was hungry, frustrated, and laughing. "This is so ridiculous," I thought to myself.

Some places have these timers to tell you how long the workers took to get your food. I think they should have a timer for the ordering process. If you don't get your order in, you get charged extra for overtime x the number of people waiting behind them. If there is no one in the drive thru lane other than yourself, you can take your sweet ass time. If there are others, times a tickin'

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