Thursday, May 18, 2006

Smartest man in the world

Bush recently signed a Tax cut bill that would help rich people get back on their feet.

The nation's Federal Debt limit has been set to 9 TRILLIAN dollars on March 16th because 8.2 trillian dollars in the hole wasn't big enough. The Iraq war has cost $280 BILLION dollars so far. Some may think this is ridiculous but I disagree.

These are BRILLIANT maneuvers to get the Republicans back on top.

It looks like the next election is going to go to the Democrats. The Republicans know that they are in a bad position. They are facing a political Kobayashi maru.

I think they came to the conclusion that they need to make sure that they fuck up everything before they leave. They want to make life as hard as possible for the next group of East Coast Ivy League liberal poli-sci majors.

Bush is making sure that all of these tax cuts are in place. When the Democrats come into power and see that the government is fucked, they'll have no choice to roll back the tax cuts or raise taxes to pay off the debt.

What will the citizens of the armpit states think of that? Well, they'll blame the Democrats for "destroying America" and they will all vote for Republicans again.


This is exactly what I would have done.

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