Sunday, September 25, 2005


I've had strange dreams all my life. For the most part, they were funny dreams.

Last night, I had another one of those funny dreams.

I was holding a dismantled Glock 26. I was putting it back together piece by piece. I finished putting it together and all i had to do was load the clip with fresh bullets.

The strange thing was that the bullets were all different shapes and sizes. Some looked like 50 caliber ammo which I knew couldn't possibly fit into a 26 clip. And yet, for some strange reason, I was able to load 9 of those puppies into this clip. Then, i started to fill my other backup clips with other strange bullets.

I finished loading 5 extra clips and then loaded the gun. Then i heard a voice telling me that I must purchase a better gun than this 26. Though well designed, the 26 is primarily a conceal and carry and I felt like the voice was telling me to get a more powerful and "in your face" type of weapon.

I walked over to the gunshop, which happened to be right next door to my house. I walked in and the shop owner told me that I could pick out any gun I wanted for free because I was such a good customer. I looked over the stereotypical weapons like the Desert Eagles, Berrettas, etc. and picked out a weird looking medieval pistol.

I carried this home and found that i have to use a flintlock mechanism. For some reason though, I found that this gun was so powerful, it could bust through concrete and steel.

Then I woke up. Strange.

I wonder what this means?


yenemy said...

Holy hell, you're scary.

Ghonie said...

Listen, I can't control my dreams. Would you rather have me dreaming about fluffy bunny rabbits or super cool weapons that can kill super animals and protect myself from the Queen of England?

yenemy said...

"Rabbits... everywhere... die..."

wandering-mind said...

funny.. I had a gun dream last night too. I was going ape shit with a pair of custom hand guns... but no one was dying for some reason. It was frustrating to say the least.

Ghonie said...

Well, one thing is clear. I guess we're badass in our dreams. Now, how do we translate this into real life....and rob a bank like in HEAT?