Friday, October 14, 2005

Hungry Hungry Sam's Club

I saw a strange thing today.

At the local Sam's Club, the workers who dispense the samples were eating their own respective concoctions. They would cook their food, and then just eat it. There were no samples available for the rest of the shopping public because they just kept eating their samples. It was a weird thing to see.

One lady was cooking shrimp tempura. She would place one shrimp in a sample cup and one shrimp in her mouth. I didn't know if this was sanitary but maybe she was just really hungry. I moved through the aisles and saw another lady cooking "southwestern" chicken breasts. She did't even bother cutting it up. She just took the chicken and fed herself the whole thing.

As an aside, I was pleasantly surprised today. The customer service at Wendy's was excellent. I got my food in 30 seconds. Kick ass.

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