Monday, March 30, 2009

The Finger

A strange event unfolded in front of me on my way to work. I was waiting at the corner to cross the street when suddenly a cab screeched to a halt right in front of me. From this cab emerged a diminutive middle aged Jewish woman with a scowl on her face. As she was furiously stepping out of her cab, an extremely large city bus pulled up right behind the car. This lady then proceeded to walk over to the front of this city bus and started yelling at the top of her lungs.

She yelled, "Fuck you, you fucking prick! You stupid ass fucker! You want to fuck with me! Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you!"

She then flipped the bus driver the bird.

Then she yelled, "Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck you!!!!!"

She then flipped off the bus driver a second time and then started pounding the front grill of the bus. The lady also threw in a kick to the bumper.

I was watching this unfold and was very amused at this scenario. Here was this tiny lady taking on a multi-ton two cab city bus and she was not afraid of getting run over. I was also curious as to why this lady was so pissed off. I would think that if there were some driving issues, the cab driver and not the passenger would be going at it with the bus driver. Why was she so angry that she felt it necessary to pull a Tiananmen Square on this bus? As I was contemplating the answers to these questions, the lady decided to make my morning even more interesting by moving to the side of the bus.

When she moved to the side of the bus, she started to pound on the bus door. Then began an interesting routine. She would first yell, "Fuck you fucker!!!" and then pound on the door some more and then give the bus one swift kick. Then she would repeat. This went on and on for what seemed like 10 minutes until she finally decided to leave the scene after make a scene. As she was walking away, she gave the bus driver one more middle finger and disappeared into the crowd.

I really wanted to see the bus driver's reaction but the bus door was tinted just enough with city grime and dirt that I couldn't get a clear view. Nevertheless, I sure hope the bus driver found this as amusing as I did.

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Anonymous said...

So far no angry Jewish woman here. A lot of chickens though. Literal chickens. Not the misogynistic metaphor.

But your New York stories are odd to me. I guess it's the norm. But I've never seen this kind of stuff in person.

Right now we're waiting for the concierge to free up. There's an old couple yakking it up. (It's been like a half hour.) Can't they see the line forming behind them? Are they Starwood Platinum Perferred Members? Because if they're not...

Oh no. They just said, "We're taking it easy today." Ugh. Really. Then why are you here. We want to start our busy day but we need directions. Oi vay (sp?)