Sunday, April 23, 2006

Crazy shit :Orcas

I just saw video footage of two Killer Whales working together to catch a seal that was floating on a piece of glacier.

One orca would create a wave that pushes one side of the glacier upward. That causes the seal to slide off the other side. The second orca would be waiting on that other side to grab the seal.

Fucking amazing.

Scientists are saying that the orcas may be passing on these techniques to the offspring. They have observed this behavior 30 years ago and the tradition seems to be continuing.

However, if that wasn't enough, the more impressive behavior was that the video footage showed a successful capture of the seal by the second orca but then minutes later, the orca freed the seal and put it back on the glacier. Apparently, the maneuvre was merely a training exercise for them. I guess the orca was trying to teach their kids how to hunt through "catch and release program".

Simply amazing.


wandering-mind said...

now all we need to do is find their secret underwater city.

frylok said...

Fabulous - when they learn to wear clothes and be ashamed of their sexuality, then I'll be impressed.